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Date: 29th September, 2013 Garud Roller Skating and Ice Skating Competition

'The achievements of a school are the results of combined effort of each student.'

The competition was held at KMDC, Sports Complex, Dombivali by the reputed 'Garud Roller Skating and Ice Skating of India' on 29th September, 2013. Many schools and clubs had participated in this competition in different categories like adjustable skates, quads skates and inline skates. The objective behind the competition was to broaden the knowledge of Roller Skating and give good exposure to young minds. In the midst of 500 participants, our school secured second runner trophy where 2 students won gold medals, 7 silver medals and 4 students bronze medals.

'Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success.'

Date: 1st September 2013. Event: Bharat Vikas Parishad Hindi Group Song Competition. Prize: 3rd Position


This is a well established and renowned competition held countrywide on district, state and national levels by a 50 Year Old Organization "Bharat Vikas Parishad". Lakhs of students participate from different regions across India. The aim of this competition is to awaken the Patriotic Spirit amongst young generation by way of singing Patriotic songs composed by their teachers and not any filmy songs.
Against the backdrop of ongoing Term Examinations, for a one month old choir; it was a huge challenge to put up a worthwhile performance in front of other seasoned choirs. Competing was not even on our mind when we rehearsed for it. We cautiously entered the competition, aiming to just give our best and learn from others'. But the hard work, positive attitude and collective will power paid off and we not only pulled off an impresive performance but also managed to bag 3rd prize; thereby upsetting the calculations of many returning teams from previous years!


Date: 7th September 2013. Event: KES Hindi Group Song Competitions. Prize: 2nd Position
This competition, held in Khar, Mumbai by the repute "Khar Education Society", was organized on the occasion of Hindi Diwas. Many school choirs from Sub Urban Mumbai performed for this event bewitching the audience with melodious cadences. RRIS choir, riding high on confidence gained from the prize winning Maiden performance at Bhayander, rose to the occasion giving a wonderful presentation once again!! The spark they showed was hard to miss.
Receiving a spontaneous applause from the audience as well as eminent Jury members, they were sure not to return with empty hands. The luck was smiling once again as the RRIS Choir claimed a staggering 2nd prize causing many an eyebrows to rise!!!

Climbing up the ladder of success! Keep it up guys!!!

Date: 7th September 2013. Event: KES Hindi Elocution Competition. Prize: 2nd Position
This competition, held in Khar, Mumbai by the repute "Khar Education Society", was organized on the occasion of Hindi Diwas. Many schools from Sub Urban Mumbai performed for this event. It was a very tough competition as all the participants had come fully prepared. But it was the meticulous preparation of Himani Jain who brought laurels to school by winning 2nd Prize in the Junior Category! Congratulations to her!

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