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ISO 9001:2008

Environmental Education

Environmental education at RRIS is a priority. Children are taken to field trips at selective spots for real learning .They are given lectures, provided with handouts for reference, taken on a site tour with guides who explain the working mechanisms of the plant/industry/phenomenon etc in simple language. Children are encouraged to take notes on the same for their project work relevant to the context.
Nature trail, Nature study, Nature support activities, learning and understanding the gifts of Nature and man’s efforts in harnessing the power of nature, being a part of the keshav srushti , helping the volunteers in their own way, appreciating VANAUSHADHI, gaushala products and understanding varieties of medicinal plants grown in the Krishi at keshav srushti are some of the CAS (Community based Action and Service ) that RRIS students will learn for life. They will also participate in the slide shows, debates and campaigning for these noble causes. They will seek and explore the remedies and solutions to the grave impact of Global warming through collaboration and teamwork. They will improve their problem solving skills, preserve the environment, seek alternative ways to protect the Earth and its creatures by analysing information critically, applying knowledge to new situations, comprehending new ideas and make informed decisions.
RRIS will connect the outside world beyond the classrooms, based on their authentic projects.