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ISO 9001:2008

Value Education

Based on the rock foundation of Bhartiya values and international education, RRIS students will be well equipped to handle larger issues based on their in depth understanding of the core subjects and content at a much higher level.
RRIS have implemented value based assemblies based on the theme Bodha Vachan.
They will learn about the species that are about to be extinct and mobilise their community to save them through campaigns and other media. They will learn the value of healthy living through well being club activities.
They would participate in various community programmes for the upliftment of the disadvantaged group, help preserve the environment from degradation, learn to use more of e-books and journals, write their assessments online and help save trees.
RRIS students will develop into responsible citizens and would strive to better the condition of the disadvantaged group. They would lend a helping hand to the old and the infirm; seek social awareness about health and hygiene through a variety of social campaigns and movements.